Postcard No. 1 Flannel Flower to Netherlands

Postcard 1 Flannel Flower

I am so excited.  I have finished my first post card.  I received my first address on Saturday and I have already done the card and it is ready to be posted.  It has been a good weekend.

Carla in Delft Netherlands will get my first drawing on a post card, I hope she likes it.  It is fitting it should go to Holland as we have a strong link there as my sister married a man of Dutch decent and she lived there with her two children for 6 years.  They all speak Dutch and they have many friends in Holland.

  • Topic.  Carla said in her profile that she likes folklore.  It made me think, in such a new country as Australia we don’t have much of the traditional folklore as they would know in Europe.  We have wonderful indigenous stories from the Koori people, but they are not mine to tell.  We have great stories from our pioneering days of bush rangers and early settlers struggling to carve out a living from our rough bush, but not something I want to draw about yet.   So I decided on using our native flowers as a base and choose the Flannel Flower as my topic.  Folkart is full of flowers so I had made my link.  I wanted the colours to reflect our country and wanted the deep blue of our summer sky and the great ochre colour of the outback sands.  My first attempt was with a blue background, but it didn’t work so my second attempt was for the orange ochre and as it was going to Holland what better colour could I use.
  • Medium. I have chosen colour pencil and ink.  I have these great new colour pencils Prismacolor and have spoiled myself and bought the big set with 120 colors.  This is all my childhood dreams come true, you cannot believe how much joy it gives me to look into this treasure trove of colour and the pleasure of using such lovely, quality pencils.  They are silky, smooth, dense with colour and they layer a treat. I will often use them on top of acrylic and the depth of colour is amazing.
  • Outcome Happy with this one, I did one before that really didn’t work.  I get too tight with my drawing and don;t loosen up.  Part of this project is too stop making each work a master piece and just enjoy the process and make quick, small drawings.  I need to move my style along.  Being such an occasional artist I do a drawing about every 2-4 months and that is not enough.  My object is to do at least one a week.  I love the depth of colour I have in the background and the flower is alive and dynamic. Happy to let this one go out into the world.

What a weekend I have had, started out as nothing special and I have discovered Postcrossing, linked it to an art project and made my first blog.  I am the social media nerd.  I have a Facebook page that I don’t know how to drive and I have a grand total of five friends on it, who know not to communicate to me through it.  Now I have a blog and the most exciting thing is that someone has looked at it and even wanted to follow it.  I cannot tell you how shocked and pleased I am.  I had expected this blog to be alone out there in internet land, but not so.  OMG I have obligations now, people will read this.  Thank you Lenz Scherer you are the first person to follow my blog, I hope it is worthy and thank you Carla you are the first person to get a post card.

Farewell post card enjoy you life out there in the wide world.

PS.  Please feel free to comment on any of my drawings, I put it up on line to here from others

2 responses to “Postcard No. 1 Flannel Flower to Netherlands

  1. Love your flannel flower drawing – found it at Postcrossing website – I’m a fellow postcrosser and the flannel flower is my avatar – Annie

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