Postcard No. 2 – 60s Love Heart to Russian Lovers

Second card done.  The concept is working well, for it is certainly taking me to areas I have never ventured into before in topics for my postcards.

It was February 14th when I received my next destination.  Valentines Day is not something that I embrace, though it is gaining ground in Australia.  There was plenty of talk around the office staff on how they were going to mark the day.  Most were making some gesture either large or small.  So it was fitting that my next card was going to couple in Moscow, who first line in the profile proclaimed that they were very much in love.  The topic had to be love related.

  • Topic   I bowed down to the universe and went with the love theme, but what to do.  They had also said that they liked The Beetles so a quick google of hearts and Beetles, took me straight to The Lonely Heart Club Band.  Of course!  Not that we had lonely hearts here, but scanning through the pictures, I found the logo for the album and decided to use this very 60s style in the postcard.  A bit of a challenge to get the feel right for this period, but I am fairly happy with the outcome.
  • Medium  Again I have used coloured pencil and ink.  This will be my standard choice for the moment as I need something that is easy to pick up and put down again quickly.  I am drawing in snatched pieces of time and pencils are so easy to get out and use.  I love the depth of colour that you get when you layer colour and even on these flat areas of colour I have used a couple of different colours to bring a vibrancy to the work.
  • While certainly not my usual choice of topic, it has been a great deal of fun.  I love drawing patterns and the colours used are from the logo and not my usual palette.  It has done what the project is about and pushed me into different topics and colours.

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