Post Card 4 – Kangaroo Paw to Finland

Kangaroo Paw

Helsinki, Finland is my next destination.  This made me happy as I have a soft spot for the design ethics of Scandinavia.  I love the soft colours, the clean designs and the less is more approach.  This of course made me think that I should do a postcard in this style.  But wait.  Is this appropriate? I want to make postcards specific to the person I am sending it to, but that does not mean that I should copy their style.  I am sure I don’t want a postcard on what someone else feels is the Australian style.

But then again what is the Australian style?  I like to think it is about clean, saturated colour of the sky, the red outback earth and blue sea.  I think it is the feeling of space, of wide horizons.  In an artistic sense, I see Europe as oils, USA as acrylic and Australia as watercolours.  Not just the faded watercolours that show our ancient landscapes, but also the bright, full coloured watercolours that are transparent enough to let the white of the paper sparkle through.

  • Topic  So I went back to my earlier theme of wildflowers, Lelia mentioned she loved nature and I love Kangaroo Paws.  They are an outlandish flower, really stiff, but soft, covered in a plush velvet.  They are architectural and have a great colour.  These I am familiar with as I have been drawing them for years.
  • Technique (yes, changed this to technique as I am not changing the medium at the moment, too much in love with my new colour pencils.  Did I tell you I have 120 different colours!!!! a girl could not dream of anything finer)  I wanted to stylise the flower, while still giving it plenty of movement.  I wanted really saturated colour for this, there are at least 6 layers of colour.  I was going to colour the background, but decided on less was more and kept it simple and clean.  My nod to Finish aesthetics.
  • Outcome.  Very happy with this, and so I should be, no pushing of the boundaries with this topic.   You may be asking yourselves if I am not happy with a postcard will I send it.  The answer is no.  I have only done one bad one so far and that is not going anywhere.  These postcards are going out for the world to see, I have my pride.

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