Post Card 7 Sturt Desert Pea to Kansas

This Postcard has been a joy to do, especially after the last one.  If is for June in Kansas, and I think it will be her first postcard.  I even broke out my favourite technique and am very pleased with the result.  Even thinking of doing a bigger picture of this one.

  • Topic  Sturt Desert Peas are another favourite wild flower, they grow in the desert, usually on our very red desert soil.  They are a weird flower with their black centres so shiny, like they have been lacquered.  June works in a green house so I think she will like the botanical theme.
  •  Technique  This card has been done with both acrylic and colored pencils.  I paint it first in acrylics using just the basic colours, then I add shading and depth with the coloured pencils.  I love the depth of colour it gives you.  The layering gives it vibrancy and saturated colour.
  • Outcome Really happy with this card, it was quick and came out how I had visualised it.  I don’t mind spending time on work, it is just so satisfying when it just works.

Well June I hope you enjoy Postcrossing as much as I have been.

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