Art from a Postcard

Well it worked.  Doing the postcards has inspired me to do some more art and  I am underway again!

I cannot tell you how excited I am.  I have already done three new paintings and have ideas for many more.  The Sturt Desert Pea Postcard was the catalyst and I have completed three drawings of the Desert Pea.  I am really happy with them, take a look at them at let me know what you think.

Here is the original postcard

Here are the three paintings that were inspired by it

Sturt Desert Pea 1

This is the first painting I did.  It is acrylic and coloured pencils, I am very happy with the depth of colour that I achieved, it almost glows.  I love the weird almost architectural feel of the flowers and the orange background works well for me.  I love orange and red together.

Sturt Desert Pea 2

This is my favourite of the three.  I like the inclusion of the sky, the blue brings some contract in and gives in my more depth of field.  I also just like long narrow paintings.

Sturt Desert Pea 3

This is biggest of the three, a little larger than A3.  I started out smaller but they grew each time, I do like working on larger pieces.  I am not totally happy with the background, the sky is too light at the bottom I think and it is flattening out the picture plane, I will have to fiddle with it some more, once I figure out the problems!!  The pictures go up on my bedroom wall once they are completed so I can ponder on them.  I love this part of painting as it is challenging to work out what the problems are with a painting and how to fix them, if possible.

I have two more Desert Pea pictures in mind, one of a bud and another looking straight down onto the flower, this is a really interesting and graphic view of the pea.  But these will have to wait as I am off doing Grevilleas for the moment.  Really close up views of these great flowers.  Will have a preview for you in the next few days.

I would like to thank my sister Lynette for her great job in putting the scans of these paintings back together for me.  The paintings were too large even for work’s A3 scanner and they had to be scanned in parts and joined back together.  She has done it without a joint showing!!!!!  Thanks a lot you are a life/blog saver.

4 responses to “Art from a Postcard

  1. So happy and excited that the muse has returned for you!
    I have trouble deciding between the first and second one in your post as my own favourite … they’re both beautiful.

  2. Loving painting #2, the rich, fiery colours and composition are gorgeous. #3 has much potential, agree sky colour gradation is taking away from overall blalance. Will be sublime in large scale once complete…So pleased you are painting again!

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