Post Card 9 Bathing Boxes to Poland

I have to admit that the postcards have slowed down as the art work has increased.  I may be turning from the occasional artist to the obsessed artist, but I have squeezed this postcard in.

  • Topic  Kate in Poland prefered postcards that showed views of the country that they came from.  Wasn’t sure to do an Australian scene or something more local.  Since we have finally had our usual lovely autumn weather of warm still days with cool evenings and we have all been outdoors lapping up the last of summer, I decided to do a drawing of our local beach and the iconic bathing boxes there.  When researching the image I came across photos that showed the city center in the background.  That is such a typical view of Port Phillip Bay on which Melbourne is situated and the greater city of Melbourne wraps itself right around the bay and you get great views back over the water to the city.
  • Decided to keep it colourful and simple, coloured pencils again, but by themselves to give the colours the washed out look you get under our harsh Australian sun.
  • Fairly happy with the outcome, pretty much got the perspective right, had a couple of revamps of the sky, but it has the feel I wanted and love the composition.

Hope Kate likes it and now back to the art work, Grevillea coming along well.

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