Post Card 10 Melbourne Tram to USA

It has taken me some time to get back to the Postcards, I have been throughly emersed in doing the larger pieces that they got put to  one side.  But is was nice to get back to smaller quick works again, so a couple of days in bed with the flu has given me the chance to do a few more postcards and I have enjoyed the work.

  • Topic  I was also stuck in what to do for this card as Jason main interest was in maps, including train routes.  So as I was not ready to draw maps I thought on the transport theme and decided to do the iconic Melbourne tram.
  • Medium  As a break from the heavily saturated colour work I have been doing I decided to do a black and white drawing and used black markers.  It was great fun, so nice to work so immediately and in such a graphic way.
  • Outcome  Apart from a couple of woopses it worked really well.  My flu mazed mind made a few mistakes but the overall drawing achieves my desired outcome.

One response to “Post Card 10 Melbourne Tram to USA

  1. I received your card today, and it is right on track with what I like. Pun intended. Keep up the great work! Love it! -Jason

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