How Good Art Supplies and Retailers can make you Happy

I love art supplies, and I cannot walk past an art shop without going in.  I have to look at the papers, such beauty and potential, then its off for a colour fix.  Colour pencils, paints, pastels, oil pastels, I love them all.  Then there is all the mediums and other cool stuff.  Is it not heaven?  Although I tell myself that I don’t need any more, I will usually walk out with something.

I am also a oneline art supply purchaser, but this is usually more serious and with intent to do some research and find the best for my purpose.  Of course this always gets sidetracked by all those pretty colours again.  I am sooo easily distracted by bright colours, like a little child.

Now I have found YouTube and all those great clips of artist showing their stuff, there is not enough hours in the day to enjoy all this bounty.

But I found a site that combines many of these guilty  pleasure and is run by a fun, informative and completely joyous person, Jane Davenport ( I will figure how to get this link in properly one day).  She is an Australian multi-media artist who lives in Byron Bay.  She has a great rang of tutorials and has so much fun making them they are a joy to watch.  Also an art supply fan, so much so she has her own art supply shop.  But this is with a difference, this is the supplies that she uses and has researched and found to be the best.

I couldn’t resist and there where some supplies that I did need.  (Really it is true)  So I put my order in.  The shop is called the Institute of Cute, which is a little off-putting to me (sorry Jane), but the product was good so I shut my eyes and ordered away.  But when my package arrived all was forgiven and I will be recommending and defending the Institute of Cute to my art friends.

Not only did I get my supplies in a couple of days, I got extra presents. Yah!  A card with a hand written message to enjoy my supplies, a pencil-case to put them in, some blending sticks, (so useful and appropriate to the supplies I got), a badge and a Lady Bug.  Oh so happy, I feel special and its makes me smile.

I have spent years training people in small business and marketing in hospitality and retail.  It is these personal touches that make customers come back.  It’s not the discounting, but the value adding and taking the time to make each customer feel special.


4 responses to “How Good Art Supplies and Retailers can make you Happy

  1. Loved this post, I used to have an art supply shop. It’s very difficult to compete with on-line these days but there is nothing like being in the shop and sometimes it’s that link that artists need, to talk through their work. In my experience a lot of art shops give back to the art community, glad you found this out. Cheers Sue

  2. Wonderful reading, and so true! I’m hoping to be living in Aus again next year, so I’ll save this tip for when I’m in that neck of the woods.

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