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Post Card 10 Melbourne Tram to USA

It has taken me some time to get back to the Postcards, I have been throughly emersed in doing the larger pieces that they got put to  one side.  But is was nice to get back to smaller quick works again, so a couple of days in bed with the flu has given me the chance to do a few more postcards and I have enjoyed the work.

  • Topic  I was also stuck in what to do for this card as Jason main interest was in maps, including train routes.  So as I was not ready to draw maps I thought on the transport theme and decided to do the iconic Melbourne tram.
  • Medium  As a break from the heavily saturated colour work I have been doing I decided to do a black and white drawing and used black markers.  It was great fun, so nice to work so immediately and in such a graphic way.
  • Outcome  Apart from a couple of woopses it worked really well.  My flu mazed mind made a few mistakes but the overall drawing achieves my desired outcome.


Another of my earlier works.  It was done at the same time as the Rosemary.  It is from a photo I took of an amazing Magnolia tree while I was holidaying in New Zealand.  It is A1 size done in oil pastels.

Sprigs of Rosemary

Sprigs of Rosemary   Oil Pastel A1 size

This is one of my earlier works.  It is from a series of oil pastel works that I did in the early 2000.  I had not worked with oil pastels before and had a lot of fun with these works.  It is not so different from my pencil work as they are a build up of layers.  With the oil pastels I would add a layer of pastel then blend it together with turps then add another layer on top.  I loved the depth of colour this gave me and it was interesting to work with oil pastel as you had to work in a bolder manner as I was not familiar enough with the medium to gain much fine detail.

This is one of my favourite works.  I really struggled with the composition as it is just a mass of rosemary, but I like how it worked out.

Sydney Terrace

Sydney Terrace Bondi Junction

This is a picture that I did earlier this year.  It is from a trip to Sydney over the summer.  We spent a lot of time wandering around the inner city streets looking at the architecture and I just loved these gingerbread cottages that they have there.  We do not have anything like it in Melbourne.

It has been done in Coloured Pencils and is A3 size.

Out from the hidden portfolio

I have finally got around to scanning a lot of my artwork that has up to this time been sitting in my portfolio at home.  It is interesting as I have kept most of my drawing since I was in high school and very few people have ever seen my work.  I am proud of most of my work, but just a little shy of showing it.  This may surprise some as I am not usually known as a shy or private person.  My art has been a separate part of my life, in fact not many people know that I do any artwork.

I have found the term ‘Artist’ a little overused and abused.  Some too readily take on the term artist and are busy talking about being creative without the discipline or hard work it takes to refine those skills into real quality.    I really struggle with the ‘A’ word and seldom if ever used to refer to myself as such.  As I have done little consistent work over the years I did not feel that I qualified for the title, it was such a small part of my life (though important) I was not easy in calling myself such.  I am gaining more ease with the term in the last few years and am comfortable with my blog name occasional artist.

So this year I am determined to make claim on the Artist term.   I am going to put it out there for the whole world to see and hold my breath and find out what happens.  But is my work good enough? As few people have seen it, it is a little hard to ascertain. I think it has merit and when I look around at galleries etc, I believe it is not too far off the mark.  My gaol is to hold an exhibition and start selling my work, but the journey has only just begun.

As I finish the scans they will go up on my Gallery and I will share them with you.  Be gentle but if you have time for feedback I would be grateful.