Sturt Desert Pea 3 – Fixed

Sturt Desert Pea 3

After much pondering and advice I have made some changes to this painting and am now happy it works as a set of drawing with the other Sturt Desert Pea paintings.  What do you think?

Sturt Desert Pea 3

It is interesting where you get your insights from when you are trying to figure out what has gone wrong with a painting.  I always pin my work on the wall as I am doing it and when I think I finish it.  It gives me a chance to ponder on it and figure out how it is going.  I knew fairly quickly that the colour of the sky at the horizon was too pale and that I should put a line across the horizon, but was not sure what else wasn’t working. It just didn’t sit well with the other two paintings.

It was my 16-year-old nephew that picked up the other problem.  Now while he is a soccer expert, art critic has not been one of his skills.  But he said he liked Desert Pea 2 better because he liked the heavy black outline.  I then realised that while the third drawing is twice the size, the black outline was still the same thickness.  So I boosted the thickness of the outline and it worked.  The three looked like they belonged together at last.  Thanks Simon.

4 responses to “Sturt Desert Pea 3 – Fixed

  1. I find it’s fairly easy to see whats wrong (not working) with a piece. The hard part is admitting it and going back and correcting it.

    • Thanks for your comment, I love insights into how other people work. You are lucky to be able to tell what is wrong, I can tell a painting is not working, but often struggle to figure out exactly what is wrong, but I rarely if ever give up on a painting, it is amazing what will come of working through problems.

  2. The vibrant colors make these serious eye catchers. The composition and my less than stellar knowledge of Australian plants makes this piece seem like it is an abstraction on the natural world. Is it meant to be a true to life representation?

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