Grevillea 1

Grevillea 1

Grevillea 1 is finished for the moment.  Still not sure about the white background, but I think I will wait and see how the other paintings go and see how it fits in.

The movement in the picture, the way little flowers seem to writhe around each other is really pleasing.  The amount of pink worried me, but the lime green stems and yellow pollen gives it enough punch, I hope.  Pretty happy with the outcome.

I can’t believe that I am calling these paintings 1,2 or 3.  Very unexciting I know and I am shamed.  But I am yet to be inspired, so they have to wear their working titles for the moment.   I love a good title to a painting.  I think a good title gives viewers further insight into the work and where you are trying to go with it.


5 responses to “Grevillea 1

  1. That’s lovely – what kind of paint?

    • This is a mixed media work. It has acrylic underpainting with coloured pencil over the top. I underpaint the colour pencil to bring up the intensity of colour, as colour pencils are a bit transparent. It then has an inked outline.

      • Nice. I’m assuming it’s thin washes of acrylic. Have you used watercolour pencils? I’ve got some derwent
        inktense pencils which I like.

      • My underpainting is not that thin, I want colour intensity so I keep the paint the consistancy of running cream, I just have to be careful to keep in smooth. I use prismacolour pencils, which are devine, smooth, soft and dense. Yep they make me very happy and you can layer and blend them almost like paint. Funny you should mention the Derwent Inktense pencils as they are my latest object of desire in the art supply world. Good to have your feedback on them, I may just have to get some for my upcoming trip.

      • There is another artist whose blog I follow uses prismacolour. I’ve never used them though. The Inktense ones are nice – I like my Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils too – which I got about 25 years ago! They are a lot more expensive these days but there are a lot more colours available. In fact, I find art shops a bit daunting with the amount of choice available.

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