Off to Paris – What to pack? – Sketch Project

I am so excited that I have to share.

I am off to Paris in five days and need to organise what I want to pack.  I won’t even start to bore you with my dilemma over what clothes to pack.  How do you decide what to wear to the capital of style when you only have one suitcase.  That is going to cause a full day of panicked staring at the wardrobe, then much flinging of articles around the room and even some last minute shopping.  Oops I did bore you sorry.

The main issue I wanted to talk about is what art supplies will I take, and what art will I do while I am there.  I always get excited about drawing and painting while I am on holidays, but the harsh reality is that I am not much of a sketcher.  I admire greatly those that do and have just been looking at a great blog by doodlemum, who does these lovely free drawings.  So like always I will start with good intentions and a new journal.

Every trip has to have a new sketch book, they may come back with only a couple of sketches in them, but each new trip must have a new book, there is something hopeful and optimistic about that.  I have visions of sitting in Parisian cafes sketching the crowd around me while drinking my caffè or champagne.   So I will need some quick portable supplies.  Pencils and ink pens are a  definite, perhaps some coloured pencils?  They will work well with my new water brush I bought.  (See Art supply post)  It is a great thing with a brush and a water holder in the handle so you can have a wet brush where ever you go.

Pental Waterbrush Medium

I was looking at the watercolour pencils as an options, which will mean another little purchase, I have just been recommended the Derwent Inktense by artshed70 so these may be the go.  (See how I have the link thing figured out now, I am beginning to get a hang of this blogging).  Any suggestions you have on artistic travel supplies will be greatly appreciated.So now that I have told you what I will take and do, I am going to have to produce something.  I shall try to do a drawing a day.  I admired those who are doing the 365 day projects, but know I would not have the energy for that, but perhaps I can do a short one.  I will try to do fresh, loose and quick drawing for each of my 16 days in France.

Au revoir Karen

7 responses to “Off to Paris – What to pack? – Sketch Project

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  2. Happy travels Karen! Looking forward to the art that Paris adventures inspire x

  3. I am jealous! Sixteen days in France – WOW!! Like you, I would be taking a new sketchbook and using the first few pages for writing an itinerary, things I would like to see, and a page with pictures of all the things I would like to pack, supplies as well as clothes, and maybe a map of France. Then, I would pack a small watercolor kit (because I work primarily in watercolor) and some PITT drawing pens (sepia and black), my camera, a small pair of scissors and a glue stick (for collage in the sketchbook). I usually use a sketchbook with a spiral binding so that I can fold the cover all the way back, or leave it open for a two page spread. Bon voyage and I’m looking forward to seeing your trip from your sketchbook after you return. Ruth

    • Thanks Ruth,

      Excitment still building. I have purchased 24 Prismacolour watercolour pencils and had a quick play in my sketchbook. Such beautiful colours, so happy.
      Thank you for your ideas on what to pack, I haven’t used sepia drawing pens, but what a great idea and the glue stick. I could not find a sketchbook I liked with spiral binding, so went for thick luscius paper instead. I love the idea for the itinenery and map, and will put them in before I go. Thank you again for your wonderful advice, you just made my trip even better.

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