All these pretty colours

Prismacolour Watercolour Pencils Swatches

I am packed and ready to fly off on my holiday.  In my preparations I bought some watercolour pencils.  I purchased 24 Prismacolour watercolour pencils and I made a quick colour chart (in my brand new journal).  This is something that I always do with new art supplies.  It provides me with a guide to the actual colours of the materials and is such a wonderful bonding time with my new colours.  I do love to play with pretty, new toys.

Although I had planned to buy the Derwent Inktense, they were not in stock, and I needed instant gratification.  I already love Prismacolour Coloured Pencils so the choice was made.  I am very happy so far with them, the colours are great and the pencils very soft and creamy.  The colours changed a lot when wet, so I am glad I made the chart and had a little play, but they are intense and dissolved well in water.  Can’t wait to start working with them.

Prismacolour Coloured Pencils Swatches

I was so pleased with my new acquisition and the colours they made, I decided to share them with you and the ones I made with my Prismacolour Colour Pencils.  These I cut out as I use them as colour chips and will often to match colours with items, (it is so easy to pick up the chip and hold it up to an item) or I group them together when I am trying to figure out a colour scheme.  I also just play with them, cause it is fun and I love pretty colours.

Well my next post will be from Paris


4 responses to “All these pretty colours

  1. So pretty! Makes me want to start drawing, and I haven’t done that since high school. Thanks!

  2. Pretty swatches! I don’t know how much you have worked with watercolor pencils before, so I just want to share that you can also 1) draw on wet paper and 2) use a wet brush to pick up the color from the pencil tip and then paint. Happy travels! Ruth

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