First Parisian Sketch

Bedroom Window

I am in Paris!

I did a quick sketch of my bedroom window.  I am lucky to be traveling with beautiful friends who have rented this divine apartment in Paris.  It is everything that you have dreamed a Paris apartment should be and this is a sketch of my window.

I have used my new watercolour pencils and  such a joy.  First I coloured a section in then I painted over it with my water brush and the jewel colours came out.  It is like when you are beach combing and you find a plain shell, then when you wet it all the colours appear.  Such fun.  My only disappointment with them is they have not put the colour on the outside of the pencils, they have the plain wooden outside, while pretty makes colour identification a real pain.

I have tried to be loose and free and pleased with my first try.  I am off to the Tuileries Garden today so I hope to have a couple more sketches, before lunch with a friend.

Building in Champs Elysees

Although this blog is about painting I just wanted to share this photo I took yesterday on my iPhone.  The lovely buildings are great, but my neck is getting sore looking up all the time.  I am an unabashed tourist.

Au revoir


4 responses to “First Parisian Sketch

  1. How motivated are you! If I was in Paris I think I’d be blown away by the beauty and wonder of it all and not bother drawing. Nice to see you are taking to the watercolour pencils 🙂

    • I am certainly blown away, but it is nice to sit still for a moment and really look, Also the reason for this view is because it is from my bed were I was lying stunned for several hours. 24 hours flying time between Australia and Paris really takes it out of you.

  2. You have captured the feel of Paris well. I was there for a week with my mother and sister in 1999 and have fond memories of that time.
    I don’t know if it is just my computer, but I couldn’t get your picture of the building in the Champs Elysees.

  3. Thanks Ruth, I have been having so much fun just walking around the streets looking at the life here. i am not much for running around to see every site, I would much rather spend time with the people and what they are doing. I loved your Italian window.

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