Parisian Door Handles

Paris Door Handle

Hi, stopped drinking Champagne long enough to finish off my drawing.

When I was wandering around the streets of Paris, lost (ish), being a complete tourist and I noticed this door handle.  So beautiful that I had to take a photograph.  The streets are completely lined with these gorgeous apartment buildings and between the shops they have these massive double doors leading up to the apartments on the upper levels.  I spent I lot of my time walking, looking up at these ornate and beautiful buildings.  At first glance they all look the same, but each one is slightly different with  unique decoration and style.   I have no shame and am more than happy to stand and wonder at the amazing things I see, and not just when I am away.  It drives my fiends and family crazy.

Of course once I had noticed one I noticed all the others and 20 shots later knew I had a new obsession, new photo gallery and new art series, if I can make them work.  So this is my first rough one, still needs some refinement.

I used my new watercolour pencils and ink pens.  I wanted the contrast between the full colour of the wood background and the black and white metal handle.  Not sure if this is the best answer, any opinions greatly appreciated.

The pace of the holiday is slowing down now as we slid into the country side, Champagne is amazing and not just the wine.  Went down into the caves at Moet & Chandon, they were amazing with the colours and perspective of the miles of vaulted tunnels.

I know I am shamefully behind with the sketches, put I have the ideas and reference images so it will be full steam ahead to get back on track.

See you soon


4 responses to “Parisian Door Handles

  1. I can absolutely relate to your experience … I had a similar one in Amsterdam years ago with doors, and another more recently in Toledo []

    Loving the posts! Happy travels!

  2. Chris and Ros

    Yes we were the same, the number of doors that looked like they were built for carraiges in the 1800s and some even had the iron wheel guides to stop the carraiges hitting the walls, fascinating. The dirfferent designs fo the doors and every now and then getting a view of the entry behind the doors, everything from marble to slums, depending where you were. Glad your enjoying champagne. WE never got there so am followiing your travles avidly. Chris and Ros

    • Having such a fantastic time, there is so much to see and so much that is different to Australia, Every outing is an adventure and the food is better than I imagined and I had pretty high hopes. Went to a little market and had sausages and chips. The sausages were so fantastic, like a chirizo, but with even more flavour, this just may be heaven, for a foodie anyway.

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