Azure Chambre

How good is my French now!  Thank heavens the friend I am traveling with can speak some french and after her two-week course in Sancerre, she will be speaking like a local.  I on the other hand will have made close acquaintance with all the local food and wine.  Thankfully after years in hospitality my french is good as long as we stick to menus.

Having done a picture of my Paris room I thought I should give you one of my Champagne accommodation.  It is a lovely Champagne House, as in this is the main house of a Champagne company Ployez-Jacquemart.  A great 1900 building which has been turned into a B & B.  it is in Ludes and if you are ever fortunate enough to travel to Champagne I can highly recommend it.  Their Champagne is also very good.




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