Sancerre Apartment

Here is the painting of our Sancerre apartment.  It has finally warmed up and it is hot today, clear and sunny at last.  Just been wandering around town in the sun, lunch and afternoon tea in the town square, soaking up the french, small town atmosphere., chatting with friends

We have been very social, we had fellow students of the french school for dinner.  I did the hunting and gathering and such fun doing so.  The shop keepers are getting to know me and we are starting to converse at a very basic level, though the girl in the florist manage to let me know it was the Sancerre wine festival this weekend, clearly a good time to be in town.  Had a great evening, charcuterie and baguette, followed by roast chicken with french mustard and lemon, salad and divine french pastries for dessert.  We drank french champagne and Sancerre white, how could the evening be bad, great company, food and wine.  Tonight we are going out to a Michelin star restaurant, this will be my first and I am very excited.

Au revoir, hope I am in a fit state tomorrow to do any drawings.




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