Le Chat Sancerre

La Chat Sancerre

We sat outside for dinner last night as it was such a mild evening.  The Italian Restaurant was under our friends apartment and they saw this cat everyday sleeping in a new place in this little square.  The cat strolled past us as we were having dinner and leapt onto this ledge and settled in for a very comfy cat nap.  I could not resist it.   It has nearly turned itself upside down, and I love its little paw tucked up under its chin.

So Grace and Tomi, here is your cat friend and thank you for being such good friends to us during my short stay.  It is amazing how you can create such good friendships in such a short time, it was a lovely group of people so I must also thank Dorothy and Tom and I hope Elizabeth gets safe back from Paris.  Enjoy your week of French immersion and Au revoir, mon amis.


4 responses to “Le Chat Sancerre

  1. Karen, you have captured the fur and his gesture wonderfully! May you have a safe return trip, and may your homecoming be as joyous as your departure was!

    • Thanks Ruth, I leave with sorrow, but such fantastic memories and I have a wonderful journal full of images that have such meaning for me. Thank you for your wisdom and support, you have made my trip more memorable. It gave a richness to my holiday to be able to share it with so many.

  2. You are so sweet! We will miss you dearly, and we love the cat! We will certainly keep looking at your artwork. You are quite incredible and a fantastic occasional artist to boot!

    Also, if you’re interested, it’s “La chatte Sancerre” or “Le chat Sancerre.” 🙂


    • Thank you Grace, and I will take on board your French lesson and correctly conjucate my verbs. Miss you both and look forward to hearing how your next week goes. Strength to you both and remember this is about you. Karen xxx

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