Tootling aroung the French Countryside

French Chateau

While I was in Sancerre we went for a drive on a beautiful sunny day.  We had no plans in the particular just followed the Loire River downstream.  This is what I call tootling, when you just jump in the car and start driving, stopping here and there to soak in the sites and take a few photos.  It is always fun, but so much more so in another country, for their everyday is so different.  It makes you more aware of the simple things around you and the beauty they hold.

We came across this vista on our way home and it was so perfect we had to make yet another stop.  I love the fact it shows the rolling countryside, the little fields, ( we have large paddocks in Australia), the lushness of spring and the unexpected site of this old Chateau.  I couldn’t figure out what the white flowers were in the foreground, I thought they might have been Queen Anne’s Lace but when I got a closer look it turned out to be Angelica.  I never would have thought to see that growing wild, but I am pretty sure that is what it was, it had the glossy leaves.

I painted this picture in the plane, and found that has some unique dangers.  Those of you who have flown more than me would know what I am talking about. The pressure in the plane does funny things to your pens.  My water brushes gushed water everywhere when I first used them as did one of my ink pens.  Luckily no harm done, but it was interesting learning experience.

I am getting over my jetlag and getting back to work, luckily I have still got work on my journal to do, it keeps my holiday alive for a little bit longer.


12 responses to “Tootling aroung the French Countryside

  1. Beautiful art. It was a great pleasure for my eyes to study it.

  2. Lovely, calm picture! Love it 🙂

  3. You’ve used a nice color triad (yellow, orange, green) in this drawing. And your memories of this trip will be that much stronger for having drawn all these pictures! And thanks again for sharing your trip with us through your art!

    • Thanks Ruth, It is because of this blog that I was inspired to do this journal, and you are so right, my memories of this trip and the trip itself has been enrished by drawing and sharing these drawings with everyone.

  4. Karen, we miss you and Sadhna tons. Please keep posting your art. My mom and I love looking at it. This is a beautiful picture, and a wonderful memory of that day.


    • Hi Grace, saw your photos on facebook, so interesting to see the events through someone elses view point. I am going to use one of your pictures for the next painting so watch this space. Miss you too Karen xx

  5. tomityson Tyson

    Karen, I love it! I had just looked again at photos of that day trip and then came to your blog- was so happy to see the chateau! Grace and I arrived in Paris today- big change from Sancerre. Grace and I both think of you often!

    Miss you!- Tomi

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