Looking Down on Sancerre


This is a view from a tower in Sancerre down onto the town and out to the vineyards below and beyond.  Now I have cheated with this painting.  This is from a photo Grace and Tomi took from the tower at Sancerre.  (Thanks Grace for sharing this) I never got to the top of the tower so I am so happy to be able see the view through their eyes.

I love the way that you look down onto the houses and you get to see the shapes of the roofs.  These are not the straight roofs we get at home, but slightly wobbly, higgledy-piggledy roofs, cramped together roofs that have a much more organic feel.  These contrast nicely with the smoother fields beyond and the vault of sky above.

I feel I captured the roofs well and the fields beyond, but somehow I have lost the feel of the town being much higher than the fields below, I will need to ponder what is missing or if anyone could give me a clue I would be grateful.  I sure have pushed my boundaries on perspective work on this trip.



4 responses to “Looking Down on Sancerre

  1. Oh, we just LOVE this! And we are honored that you used one of our photos. It is just beautiful. Would you ever consider selling any of your pieces from this trip?


    • So glad you liked it, I felt a bit cheeky using your photo, but it was such a great view and shot. I won’t sell any of the drawings from the journal as they are part of the book and were rough sketches done for my pleasure.
      There are a couple of options though, I am going to put the pictures up on a website called Red Ballon and you can get prints made of the work or if you would like I am happy to recreate one of the drawings for you on decent paper, I even have some nice paper from a certain Art Store in Paris, that I could use.

      • Hi Karen,

        I miss you bunches! Are your paintings online yet? I would still love to buy one for my mom!

        Hope you’re doing well!


  2. I am definitely interested in both of those options! Let me know when you put the pictures up on Red Ballon. If you could email me pricing information, that would be great too. We are headed to the Art Store here in Paris today, and are very excited!

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