Here is another street scene from Sancerre.  I just loved the tiny, narrow streets and the lovely stone houses with the shuttered windows.  It was the first time that I had seen shutters being used in a functional way.  Most shutters I have seen have been purely decoration and never moved.  I also loved the window boxes and pots that decorated the outside of these dwellings.  Our conditions are too harsh in Australia for window boxes to grow so well.  Out summers are too hot and the plants just get baked in the heat and are never as lush and abundant as these were, even in spring.

When I walked past this wisteria vine outside one of the wineries, I was fascinated by how it looped and twined around itself, with just a few flowers left and the leaves starting to sprout.

I have one more drawing to go.  I am trying to choose the photos and mementos that will fill up the rest of the journal and it will be done.  I am so excited about it, I have never had such a great reminder of a trip before.


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