Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted anything, but I am have been busy recuperating from my trip.  Fatigue caught up with me and I have had to rest for the last few weeks, but I am getting back on track now and have completed a new painting.

After having a break from my native flower work, I was going to start back by finishing my second Grevillea painting, but I wasn’t game to start on such a big and important work, so I decided to do a nice quick painting to limber up again.

I still have another drawing for the Paris journal and that too has had to wait, but all will be completed soon.


4 responses to “Correa

  1. Very nice still life flora painting!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. Welcome back, Karen! This has a beautiful rhythm to it. I especially like the “dance” the stamens are doing. Very lyrical.
    I’d like it if you would include information about the dimensions and medium you used when you post one of your works. Ruth

  3. Hi Karen, Love your newest painting! Think of you often and would love to catch up. I don’t have your email address, but gave mine to follow your blog. Please send me yours and I can send the list of other email addresses for Sancerre friends. Miss you!- Tomi

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