Something Different

A few months ago I bought this ubiquitous Ikea Box in an attempt to sort out the mess on my desk at home. Its plain wooden sides just cried out to be decorated so last weekend I did.

It is spring in Australia and I am enjoying watching the flowers unfurl and was inspired to put some blooms on my box.  I also wanted to try something different and was going through some old pictures of 50s fabric I had collected and came across one of wild flowers in a meadow.  It was a bit abstracted which I liked and something I am trying to bring into my work so used the design, but just give it a bit of a twist.

I am happy with the result and used my usual mediums of coulour pencil and ink,  I love using pencil on wood as the grain still comes through the colours, giving a lovely feel to the work.  It was a great deal of fun decorating the box and this is one picture the dog won’t get to chew!

5 responses to “Something Different

  1. I’m glad you included the picture of the fabric; it is nice for comparison. I think your colors are more interesting and your box is spectacular.

    • Thanks Ruth, it is always nice to see where the inspiration for work comes from.

      I enjoy trying on other artists styles, my work always turns out different yet I learn something new. I wouldn’t do it earlier as I felt I was copying, but now I value it on practice pieces or work for myself as a learning excersise.

      • We learn by copying, and then adding our own ideas to whatever we copied. You couldn’t have learned penmanship without examples. It becomes wrong when one puts a copy up for profit as one’s own work.

  2. Your re-interpretation works well on the pale wood…

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