Monthly Archives: October 2012

Forget me not in Carlton

Spring has been lovely this year and I have particularly loved walking around Melbourne’s inner suburbs of Northcote and Carlton.  There have been so many beautiful moments when you see a blossom poking through a fence or in this case growing spontaneously in a small crevice.

This lovely little forget-me-not I found on a walk at lunch time, it was growing in a crack at the base of a terrace house wall.  Over the days we watched it grow and bloom.  How it found any ground to put its roots into I don’t know but it grew and flowered so happily.

These moments of beauty inspired me to start a series of this lovely, simple garden flowers that have made every walk I take such a joy.

I used A3 bamboo paper  for this painting and used  only coloured pencil alone, no under painting this time.  I tried to show some difference in the textures between the asphalt foot path, bluestone footings and the old handmade bricks.