Monthly Archives: November 2012



We have a very beautiful Botanic Garden in Melbourne, which I love to visit.  It is always full of people enjoying themselves, picnicking, strolling around, dining in the cafes and even admiring the plants.  I try to go there at least once every season, it is such a peaceful place and such a variety of people there.

On my last visit in October many of the spring flowers were in full bloom, including this Viburnum Tree.  I love these trees when they are in bloom.  The way the white flowers sit on top of the branches with the leaves hanging down under them.  The contrast of the snowing white and the bright spring green leaves.  They always look fresh and vibrant, so much of what spring is about.

I have done this drawing on some paper I bought in Byron Bay, it is a lovely soft cream rag, but I can’t remember what it is called.  I will have to take it to my local paper supplier and see if they know what it is.   I like the way the white flowers stand out against this off-white background.   This is a fairly large drawing about A2 in size.

It is my usual coloured pencil over acrylic, but I have bought myself a dip ink pen and it has given me much better lines then the fineliner pens I have been using.  The variety in the width of the lines gives more movement and life to the outlines which I am so much more happy with.  It also does not have any troubles going over the coloured pencil, I used to block up my fineliner pens and have a great deal of trouble getting them to work.  I also love the tradition and romance of this old world pen.  Such a lovely thing to use.