Grevillia 4

Grevillea 4

Grevillea 4

A few weeks ago I went to the Australian Garden, which is part of the  Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, located in Cranbourne, a recently established garden which features Australian Native Plants.  It was really beautiful with great ideas on how to use Australian Natives in the garden.  While still a very young garden it was well worth seeing.

Lily Pad Bridge

Lily Pad Bridge

Display Garden

Display Garden

Needless to say I took a lot of photos of all the gorgeous flowers, and have a great store of images I want to paint.  You will see some in the coming weeks/months.

For my first image I choose another Grevillea. I really love the composition of this image, the colour of the leaves and the bizarre shapes of the Grevillea flowers still intrigue me.  This is another A2 size painting, I do love working at this size.


8 responses to “Grevillia 4

  1. Karen, again you have amazed me with your wonderful shapes, your attention to detail, and a great composition! Well done.
    Have you ever thought of putting a very dark background on a painting like this one? It would make those gorgeous white flowers really pop out.

    • Hi Ruth,

      I have been enjoying letting the paper be the background, a nod to botanical drawings, but I do agree with you that a dark background would make the flowers pop.

      I earlier Grevillia painting that I haven’t finished yet will have a dark background, so if that works I may revisit this ones background. Doing the backgound with pencil is a bit daunting, but thinking about it I could do an ink wash.

      As always Ruth your comments give me new insight and ideas for my work, thank you.

  2. So great to see you making art again Karen.
    This piece is beautiful.

  3. Thanks Karen, it is good to be back again.



  4. Love your colour work on this one!

  5. I love the ‘graphic’ and ornamental style on this one!

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