What is inspiring me – Cressida Campbell



Cressida Campbell is an Australian artist who does the most beautiful wood block prints.  She has been producing art for many years, but I have only just discovered her work.  Each artwork is carved from a piece of plywood using a small engraving tool after a detailed drawing straight onto the wood. After the carving is complete watercolour paint is applied, in two layers, to each area, the colour is freshened up and a single impression is made – a mirror image of the carving.



I love her choice of subject matter, she has done a range of Australian natives, still life flowers, interior scenes and kitchen still life.  She has taken the ordinary and shown it to us as something special.  Her clear and muted colours are beautiful and there is a lyrical quality to her work that I love.

Margaret Prestons Home

I have saved a range of her images and am using them as my background on the computer, so while at work I can contemplate each picture as my slide show of her paintings slowly changes through the day.  It may not do wonders for my work productivity, but it keeps me inspired all day.

Olive Oli and Fennel

Olive Oil and Fennel

Xanthorrea, 2001

I hope these inspire you as much as they have done me.


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