These are Hollyhocks that I grew in  my garden a few years ago.  I took a number of photos of them as I love the way the flowers are so cavernous when you look at them close up.  They seem to go back for ever with the lovely spotted trail to follow.  Two years ago I started this drawing, just in coloured pencils, but it was taking so long to get the colour laid down dense enough that I gave up and it has been hiding in my portfolio ever since.

I was looking through some of my old work the other day and decided it was time to complete some of the unfinished works.  So I took the brave step of painting over the pencil and restarting it.  So glad I did, with the underpainting it went quickly and smoothly although it is a large work A2 size again.  I have not done such large areas of shading before and it has a more painterly feel than some of my other works, though of the same size are made up of smaller shapes.

It is on the same soft mystery paper as Vibernum, I will have to take it to the art shop to find out what it is, I really enjoyed working on it.


4 responses to “Hollyhocks

  1. This is lovely Karen. I like the fresh, clean, ‘graphic’ look of your art. You have an excellent grasp of the fundamentals of composition and a keen eye for pattern and design. I look forward to further examples of your work.

  2. I’ve just discovered your blog – and I’m glad to have found it! I also like the “graphic” look of your art!

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