Alternate look at Pencils as an Art Medium

Jennifer Maestre Aurora 7" x 17" x 17"
Jennifer Maestre Aurora 7″ x 17″ x 17″

In my wanderings around the internet I have found these fabulous artists who also use coloured pencils as the medium for their art work, but in quite a different way.  They use the pencils themselves as a medium for their sculpture.  I love the way of seeing every day objects in such a different manner and making art out the materials we use to make art but in a completely different way.

Jennifer Maestre

Aseridae 5" x 24" x 24"
Jennifer Maestre Aseridae 5″ x 24″ x 24″

These sculpture are made by cutting coloured pencils into 1″ lengths, drilling a hole in one end and sharpening the other, then she joins them together using beading techniques to make these amazing pieces.  On her website she describes her work…

The sections of pencils present aspects of sharp and smooth for two very different textural and aesthetic experiences. Paradox and surprise are integral in my choice of materials. Quantities of industrially manufactured objects are used to create flexible forms reminiscent of the organic shapes of animals and nature. Pencils are common objects, here, these anonymous objects become the structure. There is true a fragility to the sometimes brutal aspect of the sculptures, vulnerability that is belied by the fearsome texture.

Jennifer Masetre Luna 8" x 11" x 11"
Jennifer Masetre Luna 8″ x 11″ x 11″

Lionel Bowden

He is an Australian artist and has been working for many years with pencil sculptures.   The pencils are glued together then sanded down to create these wonderful shapes.

These images came from the website of Karen Woodbury Gallery, a fabulous Gallery in Melbourne, who represent some great Australian Artists.

Lionel Bawden Esque
Lionel Bawden Esque

Jessica Drenk

Jessica is an American Artist who has worked with standard pencils and makes these really organic muted shapes.

Jessica Drenk
Jessica Drenk

I hope you enjoyed this look at pencils in a different way, it has fascinated me.


6 responses to “Alternate look at Pencils as an Art Medium

  1. WOW… These are CRAZY COOL! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are some wonderful examples of art by creative thinkers – those who are not afraid to think “outside the box” and push the limits. Thanks for bringing these to our attention, Karen.

  3. I really enjoyed how my mind moved back and forth between taking in the art and all the different expressions the artists could put forth, and trying to figure out where the pencils were and how they’d been put together. It was really inspiring. Thanks for showing. It’s so amazing how creative some people are.

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