Gerbera Re-worked

Gerbera reworked

Gerbera reworked 70cm x 48cm

I have been back a couple of time to the Gerbera and I think that I have sorted out a couple of problems and improved some others.  I have decided to stop fiddling with it as it is in danger of being overworked and loosing any of the freshness it has.

What I have done after the very helpful comments from fellow bloggers and friends is to

  • I looked at the shapes as a whole and shaded it accordingly, in the calyx especially it now curves around and works so much better.
  • With the petals I also treated them as a whole and lightened the petals as the front and darkened those at the back.  This has helped and I am better pleased with the outcome if not completely happy.
  • I didn’t touch the background, have really come to like it.

So it has been a difficult painting but I certainly learnt a lot from it and that is a great outcome.  See below for the First Draft and the final.


Gerbera reworked

Gerbera reworked

Gerbera first draft

Gerbera first draft


4 responses to “Gerbera Re-worked

  1. Glorious GLORIOUS

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  2. This is great Karen – subtle changes, but a big difference. There is now more a feeling of depth, without losing any of the graphic quality.

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