Hydrangea 2

Hydrangea 2

                               Hydrangea 2                                                                                   30cm x 30cm Coloured Pencil, Acrylics and Ink

Here is the second in the Hydrangea series.  A more pastel rendition this time, not a colour palette I am used to working in, so a challenge in itself.  I added the veins into these petals, not sure if I am going to go back and add them into the first one.  I will wait until I have finished the series before I go back and do the last fiddle with them all.  I would like them to work together as a set, but we will see as they are completed as to how cohesive they are.  The area on the right behind the petals needs some work, just not sure what to do with it yet.  it seems too pale, I may make it darker, just need to ponder on it for awhile.

I really like the details in this painting so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite bits.

Hydrangea 2 - Detail

Hydrangea 2 – Detail

In my previous post I was talking about our lovely autumn weather, well I spoke too soon,  It has been hot, really hot for a lot of days now, I think we may go to 10 days straight over 30C  (90F) and today and tomorrow will be 36C (100F).  Now I love the hot weather but this is taking it a bit far.  I will have to go and immerse myself into the cool hydrangeas again.

Hydrangea 2 - Detail

Hydrangea 2 – Detail

I am thinking of taking a little detour in my techniques and looking at combining my pencil work, with some paper embossing and creating a little 3D work.  It is an idea I have been kicking around for awhile so I may have something new to show you.  Thank you Karen for your encouragement and Michelle I hope you like this installment.




9 responses to “Hydrangea 2

  1. Well definitely worth waiting for.

    I now need to compare the two pieces of work – need to split screen it somehow.

    Thank you for uplifting my Monday with beauty.

  2. I’m glad you did the closeups because it’s great seeing the complexity of colours you mix in there, and I love the organic quality of the ink work. I think htis series is beautiful. This one sort of glows.

    • So glad you like it Jenni, I actually used less colours in this one, this has 15 different coloured pencils when I usually use twice that amount. I love the way pencils let you layer the colours to a nice density, but are still translucant enough for them to glow through each other. The underpainting helps this. I am getting more confident with the dip ink pen and getting better results. All such fun learning. Karen

  3. Beautiful work, Karen! The large picture has nice rhythm and movement and your little detail shots are wonderful abstracts in their own right! Ruth

    • Thanks Ruth, I liked the detailed shots, I wonder if I should do even closer views of my subjects, but where would that end? Not sure if I am reaady for that level of abstraction. Karen

      • Isn’t it amazing how one painting can be a springboard for other ideas? Even if you’re not ready for that much abstraction now, it is something that you can note in your idea file for a day when you feel “stuck.”

  4. The colours you have used in this one are great, it has a lovely rhythm to it.

  5. Hydrangea 2 has now become my favourite. Funny what a bit of time brings. It reminds me of sitting and looking at Monet’s Waterlily Series in Paris, and the more I sat and looked the more I was drawn in to every nuance and breath of Giverny air. Seeing something new in each look.

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