Hydrangea 1 reworked

Hydrangea 1 take 2

Hydrangea 1 take 2

I have gone back to the first Hydrangea and added the petal veins (I think that it what you call them) into it.  Sitting it beside the second Hydrangea painting showed how necessary it was and I am very pleased with the result.  I can tell you I was very nervous painting on the white viens, hoping that I was not about to stuff the whole thing up.  Sometimes you really have to be very brave as an artist.  I painted the veins on in white paint then went back over them in pencil to knock them back and work them into the painting.

Hydrangea 1 Detail

Hydrangea 1 Detail

Making this change has sorted out a couple of problems for me.  The colours had dominated the picture and it was a little rainbowish.  The white veins have broken the colour up and given more movement and definition to the petals and little flowers.  It has also given them a more crinkled look and it sits much more comfortably with the second painting in the series.

Hydrangea 1 Detail

Hydrangea 1 Detail

Here is a comparison of the two together for you. The second photo is much better quality than the first.

Hydrangea 1 take 2

Hydrangea 1 take 2

Hydrangea 1

Hydrangea 1

I have started the third one which will be more purple, I have given you a sneak preview of it though it is just at the underpainting stage.

Hydrangea 3 underpainting

Hydrangea 3 underpainting

I am still keen to do some more 3d work, but I will keep focused on this series and not get distracted.  So I am being good and strong, till after these last two are done, then I will have a little play.


14 responses to “Hydrangea 1 reworked

  1. I do like the rework Karen – what courage you have! I would also have been petrified of starting on the veins, though when you know it needs something to change it’s easier to dive in. The flowers seem much more ‘alive’ with the addition. Looking forward to the next in the series 🙂

  2. I think the petal veins were a very good decision. When I look at the piece as it is now I react much more strongly to it. It reminds me of hydrangeas that grew by my parents’ front door and brings back feelings from then. Well done.

  3. Only just received this.

    I do do do, like the re-work..

  4. lovely i like it :d very good and patient too, by how you do the veins. i love the color blending it gives cool sense of the pretty flower you made.

    • Thankyou for your kind comments. The veins were painted on in white acrylic over the top of the petals and then I went over them in coloured pencil too shade them back into the petals. Karen.

  5. Beautiful job, Karen! I like the addition of the veins.

  6. Oh my goodness your hydrangeas are stunning! I love hydrangeas and your drawings and paintings really do them justice and then some. It’s fun to see someone else do multiple versions from the same source. I love all of them! You are amazing!

    • Hi Jana, glad you dropped by, interesting that we were both doing multiple paintings of flowers at the same time, it is such an interesting project to do. I have certainly learnt more each time I draw a flower or and topic. It is a bit like cooking (my other passion), you have to cook something a few times to really start to get it right. Karen

  7. Love these drawings. Strong colors, but they really capture the flower. Love hydrangeas too, but never painted them before..

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