Feature Artist for Australian Coloured Pencil Network

Featured Member – Karen Bailey

I have been luck enough to be the Feature Artist for this month for the Australian Coloured Pencil Network.
Here is the start of the article follow the link for the rest.

Featured Member 2013 - Karen Bailey  grevillia-6-low

Name: Karen Bailey Website address: occasionalartist.wordpress.com Location: Melbourne Victoria All images copyright of the featured artist and maynot be reproduced without written permission. © 2010-2013 All rights reserved.

Please tell us a little about how you got started in coloured pencil art.

My love affair with pencils started with Derwent Coloured Pencils in school and my fervent desire to own the coveted box of 72. The box I never achieved but I gradually bought all the pencils one at a time and I still have them. I used them on and off and did my first serious drawing in coloured pencils while doing graphic design unit at university. I ended majoring in printmaking and textiles, then headed off travelling and a varied career in hospitality and education.


To read the rest of the article please follow the link to the ACPN website and while you are there have a look around.

Thanks Belinda Lindhardt, you do a great job with the network.sturt-desert-pea-2-resized3

2 responses to “Feature Artist for Australian Coloured Pencil Network

  1. Oh Karen well done!!

    Need to celebrate tomorrow don’t you think?

    Maybe a tart.

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