Relief Printing with Linocuts

Spotted Pardelote Lino Design

Spotted Pardelote Lino Design

I have started my relief printing course and have done the first two sessions.  So much fun!  It combines a whole stack of processes that I love and my style of art really lends itself to this medium.  You get to draw, carve, print and colour in, plus you have prints to keep, sell and give away.  Happy sigh.

We started out with a single colour linocut on a very rubbery lino, which was easy to carve.  especially as I have memories of trying to carve old, tough lino at school.  I used an image from a earlier drawing of the sturt desert peas, love recycling and trying images out in another way.

Sturt Desert Pea

Sturt Desert Pea

We did another lino print using proper lino and it will be a two colour reduction print.  For this one a drew this lovely little pardelote, a tiny spotted bird that used to visit our property when I lived in Castlemaine.

Variations on Pardelote Design

Variations on Pardelote Design

As my prints are still drying at school I have my drawing to share with you, next week I will have images of the actual print to share.

Talk soon Karen

10 responses to “Relief Printing with Linocuts

  1. Gosh – so lino CAN be easy to carve into? I only ever did lino cuts at school and mine must have been the same as yours; tough ungiving stuff that was a real effort to cut into. I didn’t know it could be any other way. I never liked printmaking but if you have nice materials to work with, it must be fun after all!

  2. Love lino cuts and have fond memories of reduction prints. I look forward to you next post Karen.

  3. Oh you have me totally excited over this. I love relief printing (is that what you would call this collection of techniques? Maybe block printing?) and am planning at some point in life to dive back into it and move past the dabbling that I’ve only ever done till now. For now though I’m totally jazzed to watch you do it!! You’re right, your style really lends itself to this. I can’t wait to see your work!!

    • Hi Jen, Thanks for dropping by, yes we call it relief printing here, but it is also called block printing, it seems to be the collective name for woodcut and linocut printing. I am still excited, just about to go and print my first woodcut tonight. (Little dance of joy)

  4. Looking forward to seeing this, Karen!

  5. Great work, I haven’t done any linocuts for a couple of years now. Have fun.

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