New toys for a new medium

Carving the Pardalote

I am have been getting together my tools for my next printmaking course.  This one is more about working in the studio at Australian Print Workshop.  When I complete this course I will be able to go in and use the workshop whenever I want.  It is like getting my studio license.  I will need to have all I need to do the printing so I have been having fun getting new art supplies.  It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Carving the Pardalote

Carving the Pardalote

I have bought some beautiful lino/wood carving tools.  I decided to spend a little more and get some decent tools that will hold their edge and feel good.  Then of course I had to buy some sharpening stones to keep the edges sharp.  Still trying to get the knack of a really sharp edge (any suggestions or tool sharpening tips greatly appreciated).

New Carving Tools

New Carving Tools

I decided to redo the bird prints that I did previously on a larger scale with the right colours this time.  So I have wood shavings flying and some sore fingers, but very proud to say no blood as yet.

The bench hook (board that I am carving on) is very special to me, it is my late fathers cedar drawing board which my cousin partner turned into a bench hook as it was no longer smooth enough to use for drawing.  Thanks Chris, it is already in good use.

Having so much fun, there is nothing like a new project.


PS a special hello to all my friends in Paris at the moment, have fun, relax and partake in all that great cuisine.


8 responses to “New toys for a new medium

  1. Ahh! The fun and excitement of new supplies! That excitement seems to carry over into the first projects. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  2. Lord. It looks dangerous. You could do more damage with your tools than I could do with mine.

    • Yes, they are rather sharp, gives that extra spark of danger. But in all honesty I am more worried about my ability to keep them sharp enough so they won’t slip. It is the blunt tools that are the danger.

      I will still be using my pencils to hand colour the prints, I haven’t abandoned them. Karen

  3. I have worked in at APW, it was scary at first, but I loved it, I do miss going there to do some work.

  4. Oh those are GORGEOUS tools!!! I smiled at your board. I love having heart-full things like that when I work. I actually have some of my grandma’s lino cutting tools and a bit of the old ink too, although when I was trying some a few years ago I ended up having to get new. But I did a few prints with her old lino cuts! That was very cool. Made me feel close to her. It’s so nice reading your travels here. You sound happy and pleased!

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