Birthday Projects – Cake

Katie's 21st Cake

Katie’s 21st Cake

We are in the midst of our annual rush of birthdays, my family has four birthdays in two weeks, and this year we have two special birthdays, my niece’s 21st and my nephew’s 18th.  Busy times.  So I haven’t been doing much drawing this week, but concentrating on another art form.  Cake decorating.

The cake you see is for my  niece’s 21st.  I have done a few cakes, having created them for my friends and families 21st, weddings and a few other special occasions and I really enjoy decorating them.

As you can see this was a double story event and the first chocolate cake I have decorated.  My sister made the very yummy red velvet chocolate cakes, well we had to quality check before icing didn’t we.

Katie's 21 cake 016

work in progress

work in progress

I was fairly happy with how it turned out, but it was a little rushed as we ran out of time getting it ready and I didn’t have as fine an icing tube as I wanted, but the effect was great and no body else saw the faults I saw, then no one else would have had their nose two inches away from it as they iced it.

For those of you not familiar with cake icing, to transfer the pattern onto the cake you draw it onto a piece of paper and use a pin to prick the design through the paper onto the cake, I then drew around it on the white tier to see it better, before I iced it.


12 responses to “Birthday Projects – Cake

  1. Oh brother – transferring with a pin! I had no idea. The finished product looks like it would not be out of place in Versailles – maybe in Marie Antoinette’s suite. Any of your birthdays falling on Wednesday 31st? (My birthday).

    • Happy Birthday Julie for the 31st, our birthdays are 28th niece, 4th August mine, 6th sister in law and 8th nephew. You are right very French colours and so very elaborate. Always fun to play with pattern though.

  2. Wow, Karen, so many leos! Happy Birthday to you and your family members too. We’re celebrating my birthday dinner tonight. One of my daughters and her close friend (both leos as well) are cooking it. Can you just put a slice of that cake in Express Post – hopefully to arrive for dessert tonight!!!

  3. I bet it is good enough to eat squished.

  4. Wow Karen, that is beautifully made! All the best for your other creative outlets and thanks for liking my posts 🙂

  5. I am impressed Karen! Cake decorating is HARD! I haven’t tried doing more than basic icing since my children were small, when I had to do all those complicated things they wanted, always ended up tearing my hair out. Your patterns are beautiful.

  6. Holy smokes! You are a talented lady for sure.
    Sorry, don’t plan on commenting on every post but you’ve put up stuff I couldn’t help but do it so far.

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