Sturt Desert Pea Linocut 2

'Dancing Peas' Sturt Desert Pea 2      Linocut 617mm x 240mm July 2013

‘Dancing Peas’ Sturt Desert Pea 2 Linocut 617mm x 240mm July 2013

I have started my second printmaking course, this one is where I get to learn how to use the studio and print my own work.  Once I have completed this course I will be able to use the studio and print my work when ever I want.

I made this lino a few weeks ago on holidays, see the other Desert Pea post.  It is large of course, I don’t often do small works.  It was fairly difficult to get to print well, but I am pleased with it as it is only my third attempt at printing.

New Desert Pea lino

New Desert Pea
The lino being cut

It has been taken from a drawing I did in 2012 Sturt Desert Pea 2, this is one of my favorite works and I wanted to reuse the image again in a different medium and push it a bit further.  The image has been flipped in the printing process.

Sturt Desert Pea 2 Coloured Pencil & Acrylic April 2012

Sturt Desert Pea 2
Coloured Pencil & Acrylic
April 2012

I, of course, will be colouring in some of the prints and I am going to experiment with printing it on different papers and coloured backgrounds, so you will see this image in a number of different guises.

Although this print looks rather clean, I was far from it, some how in the course of the 2 .5 hours it took to print this lino, I manage to cover myself in ink.  As my hands were covered I unconsciously touched my face (a lot of times) and had been running around the studio with an almost black face.  My fellow students were most kind and didn’t laugh at me and only mentioned I had ink on my nose.  When I looked in the mirror I couldn’t stop laughing, it really was covered.  Lucky I checked before I walked out!



6 responses to “Sturt Desert Pea Linocut 2

  1. This is going to be stunning Karen – it is HUGE! I’m impressed you managed to manipulate such a large piece of lino so (apparently!) easily. The black and white is great, but the colour will add another dimension. Is your lino white, or is it the grey one that just looks white in the pic? Have you thought of overprinting it with a monoprint, to give another way of adding colour – there are so many options when you are printmaking!

    • Hi Anna, the Lino was grey, it is just a poor quality picture from my phone that shows white. I am still grappling with the printing process, but more practice will help. I have thought of over printing just not sure how I want to do it. You are right there are so many options. I really love the thought that I have only just started to work with this image and I don’t know where it will lead. Karen.

  2. This is a great image, Karen. I like hearing about your journey into printmaking!

  3. This is a spectacular print! Love the bold, bright colours!

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