Pardalote on a Wire – Woodcut

'Pardolote on a wire'  Linocut  260 x 360 mm Aug 13

‘Pardolote on a wire’ Linocut 260 x 360 mm Aug 13

I revisited my Pardelote linocut and redid it as a larger woodcut.  Really happy with how it worked out, now I have more idea of how this medium works.  I was able to add more detail into the background while still keeping the simplicity of the composition.  It was much harder to cut in wood and I had trouble with bits chipping off, though super glue helped to save his leg!

I will be adding colour to some of the prints, but I have such a busy month it may not be till September.  Here is the original drawing and the first print just for comparison.

Spotted Pardelote Lino Design

Spotted Pardelote Lino Design

Pardalote Two colour print May 2013

Pardalote Two colour print May 2013

This time I remembered to flip the design before transferring it onto the block.  See learning has occured.

Carving the Pardalote

Carving the Pardalote


11 responses to “Pardalote on a Wire – Woodcut

  1. Nice work Karen. There is a lot of potential here…

  2. I like your background change. A very sweet print!

  3. I Am Jasmine Kyle

    I like the little red hat he has it really brings the eye in!!! Congrats!

  4. I love your graphic design. If you ever consider making sets of cards with your bird designs, let me know and I’ll buy a set. I enjoy writing cards to people and it would indeed be a treat to send an image such as this in the post. You strong sense of design, composition and contrast is infinitely appealing to me!!!

    • Hi Julie, are you back from holidays? Thank you for your kind comments and yes I was planning to do them as cards, I just want to do the next two designs in the series so there are four different designs. Having trouble with my wrist so have had to postpone any more carving for the moment.

  5. Hi Karen, yes I’m back but still feel jet-lagged and not myself at all. When you have got your series complete, consider me a customer!!! Oh yes – but conserve your wrist. Certainly you have to be careful about damaging yourself.

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