New Portrait underway

Paper Lace

Paper Lace

Here is a quick preview of the latest portrait I am working on.  It has incorporated my newest fascination (such a kinder word than obsession) with paper cut art.

I have cut out some of this paper lace which I will probably use over the portrait.  Really enjoyed doing this and it was an extension from cutting out my grevillea.




The person I am doing the portrait of is a lovely friend who has a fantastic style, I see her pattern as a beautiful, french baroque in clear, pastel colours, I am channeling the divine palette that was used in the movie Marie Antoinette.  Then I will use the lovely lace overlay in dark grey, to give further style and mystery to the work.

As you can see I have only started to add the colour to the background, it is being done in oil pastels this time, for something different.  I hope to make it a little soft on the edges rather than my usual crisp style, it is fun to break out the pastels again and they give a certain lushness to the work which is rather baroque.

I still longingly look at my lino cutting tools, but the wrist is still giving me trouble so I must keep away from them until I can get it sorted.



6 responses to “New Portrait underway

  1. wonderful work! I totally understand your wrist issues as I’m going through similar problems from pounding/working copper wire. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece & take care of your wrists!

    • Thanks, I try to be good, but it is so hard to rest my right wrist, being right handed. I have even learnt to use the mouse in my left hand in a bid to take the pressure on the right. It is interesting trying to click on things with the wrong hand.

  2. I would have commented last night but my computer was on a go slow. I also love paperart. And I am CRAZY about Marie Antoinette. So I very much look forward to seeing this work when it is done. What you show us already looks exciting.

    • Hi Julie, isn’t paperart just divine, I will be doing a post on it next to show some of the work I have found which has inspired me, some really clever and exciting things being done. I loved the movie Marie Antionette, mostly for the costumes, colours, set design and feel of the film. I have used palettes from the movie before and I am sure I will again. Karen

  3. Karen this is so cool!! I love seeing how you come at projects from different angles, first cutting out your background and then this one adding a layer in front. You always inspire me! That design in that portrait above is beautiful. Do you come up with the patterns and designs in your head or are there sources you work from? I was looking up something called zentangles ( I think) from seeing some projects at the school and there were definite forms and patterns combined in different ways. It’s always so weird to discover something new and then find that it’s really already a big world. Anyways, this is beautiful, and I’m sorry to hear about your wrist. I didn’t know that’s why lino work is on hold.

    • You are really kind, thanks Jen. I work from a whole swag of sources and then put them together in different ways. The background is taken from an 18th centenary fabric design and the paper lace is another old lace pattern that I have adapted. I usually have an idea in my head what I want (in this case is was french baroque feel) then get on Google images and pinterest and just look for images that suit my brief, from there I will adapt and put together the patterns to suit my vision. I have seen zentangles also, but not gone into them. So much to explore so little time. Karen

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