Paper Art

Roger Brown Kernal Detail

Rogan Brown Kernal Detail

As my print making has come to a bit of a halt, I have been investigating some other areas of interest, and one of these I have found out comes under the heading of paper art.  Where the paper stops just being a surface for my chosen medium to rest upon, but is the medium for the art to be made out of itself.  I love this twist on things.

I have long been thinking of cutting out the shapes of my work, especially the grevilleas and I have gone part of the way with cutting out the last one from its failed background and intend to take this concept further.  But investigating this I have found a whole new world of creativity, which just make me smile.

The amazing things that artists around the world are doing is so inspiring, so I thought I would share some of them with you and show you what is inspiring me at the moment.

One of the first Paper Artist I found was Rogan Brown and he has a number of these amazing works, the first picture is a close up of his work Kernal.  The intricate details of his cutting and the layers that build up to his images are so elegant.

Kristen Hassenfeld Paper Art Installations 4

Kirsten Hassenfeld Paper Art Installations 4

These delicately lit installations by Kirsten Hassenfeld also blew my mind.  I love that the paper essentially a two dimensional object has been made into a three dimensional creation and the adding of lights just takes it a further step.  I want one!

Giselle, réalisée pour la galerie de l' Opéra Garnier, 2009 (hauteur 65 cm)

Giselle, réalisée pour la galerie de l’ Opéra Garnier, 2009
(hauteur 65 cm)

I found this lovely paper sculpture lamp on a french blog, how ethereal and beautiful is this.

Kristi Malakoff Maibaum (detail) 2009 Black paper, black foam core, hardware

Kristi Malakoff
Maibaum (detail)
Black paper, black foam core, hardware

I love the sheer joy of this installations, and to think it is life sized.

Here are a few images I adore, but I can’t find who the artists are.

From a website catalog but no artist named

From a website catalog but no artist named

I could go on and on, but if you want to see more images you can visit my pinterest site for more images I have of delicious paper art.  I have found pinterest very useful for gathering images for my work and you will find many other boards that I have for different projects and interests.

Jelly fish lights - unknown

Jelly fish lights – unknown

12 responses to “Paper Art

  1. They are all incredible. I saw lanterns at Opera Garnier by the same designer but the design was slightly different to the one you show here. I would have loved to bring one home but it looked like it would be too hard to get it back to Australia.
    How on earth does Rogan Brown DO IT? I can’t imagine. Love the dancers round the maypole too. All divine, Karen.

  2. My oldest daughter would just love those jellyfish lights. They are lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ooooh! Intriguing! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  4. Dans La Lune is EXTRAOrdinary.

    I just saw your blog after our conversation.

  5. Those were amazing!! I can’t imagine having the patience for the fine ones but I love looking at them. Can you imagine how cool it would be sleeping in a room with jellyfish lamps hanging in the corner???
    I’ve been taking a break from WordPress and thinking about how I want to do it so it doesn’t start feeling like homework but today I was thinking about your work and came looking. Sorry to hear your lino work is on hold (although I get it!!!) but will enjoy looking at what you’ve been doing!

    • Hi Jen, I am a bit sad that all the work I did with lino is on hold, but like the gadfly I am, another bright sparkly thing has taken my notice and I am off with the portraits and the world of paper art. Those jelly fish are divine and I found some more which are on my pinterest page, and another 150 images. I agree with you the patience required to make some of the artwork is incredible, but the results are stunning. I want to make some lanterns inpsired by the jelly fish, but probably with a more floral base. I have bought myself a Silhouette cutting machine to do the hard work and as soon as I learn to drive it I will be showing the results. How exciting to be playing with 3D shapes and light. Karen

  6. i am not at all familiar with paper art, thank you for this introduction! It’s beautiful stuff!

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