Pumpkin Art

Halloween lamp and pumpkins

Halloween lamp and pumpkins

Australians don’t normally celebrate Halloween, but this year is a little different.  I work with a lovely American and she just adores Halloween.  Last year she was a little shy and didn’t make much of a fuss, but this year she has decided to show us Aussie what Halloween is all about.  There has been a month long campaign where here desk is gradually becoming more and more bedecked with Halloween decorations and she is introducing us to Halloween candy.  (See we would call them lollies in Australia, but we are now we are calling them candies).  We have had candy corn and an amazing array of body parts.  I currently have two chocolate eyeballs on top of my work monitor.

Halloween punpkins

So I have roused myself for these celebrations and made her a couple of pumpkin jack-o-lanterns, plus a graveyard lantern that I made with my new cutting machine.  (More about this new toy next blog.)  We are all bringing in something for lunch tomorrow and I hope she has a fun day.

Had a great deal of fun carving the pumpkins, something I have not done before and my much neglected lino cutting tools where just the thing.

So Helene, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, enjoy the holiday!!


6 responses to “Pumpkin Art

  1. Oh brother – you’ve just reminded me to NOT answer the door to kids tomorrow night. ie pretend I’m not home!!! Even though I quite liked halloween in Charlie Brown comics (“I got a rock”), I can’t warm to the real thing. Despite this I like your lanterns very much. They remind me of Japanese lanterns. One thing which really puts me off is any custom which encourages the collection of sweets – especially in a world where so many kids are fat. This includes Easter and Christmas – though I have no choice about participating in those. Bah humbug!!!!

    • I loved Charlie Brown, ‘I got a rock’. I don’t mind sweets for special occasions, I see red when I see chips and sweets going into everyday kid’s lunches. I must admit to supermarket rage when I see parents at the check outs with a trolley full of soft drinks, chips, sweets and processed food. I just want to rant at them about the quality of food they are feeding their kids. Karen

  2. ha ha — So glad you know “I got a rock” too. I use that quote in everyday life. Honestly I agree about sweets on special occasions. I suppose – moderation in all things – is the answer.

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