Mini Holiday


I have run away for a quick holiday before the end of the year and before the school holiday rush. It has been a very busy and stressful year with my work, and we have just finished our last major audit for the year. Hence no posts for November. It is a pain when my working life interferes with my art, but the pay check is needed.

I will make up for it this week and catch you up with what I have been up too, as I have managed to squeeze in some projects.

I have am staying in a cabin on the edge of the Otway forest, looking over a steep valley. It is officially summer now and today it may just feel like it. We have had a very wet and cool spring and I can’t wait for the weather to heat up.

My plans for the week are all about drawing, walking and a few drives along the Great Ocean Road. No one else to worry about, no one to ask me questions, no problems to solve about from the important ones such as what to eat, what colour should this be and should I have another glass of wine.

I did a quick 30 minute sketch of the view from my balcony which shows the little valley I look over and the Lilly ponds below, there be Llamas down there but I didn’t see them last night. The photo is off Hannah gallantly guarding my cup of coffee in the morning sun, while I figure out how to do this post on my iPad.



8 responses to “Mini Holiday

  1. Thanks Ruth, it was one of those quick drawings that just worked first go. Having a lovely little holiday

  2. Lovely sketch and what a wonderful guardian.

  3. Lovely, airy sketch Karen! Enjoy your break, its a lovely part of the world.

  4. Fun sketch Karen. It must feel so liberating getting to let your creative side come out after having your head in work. Missed your posts! Enjoy your summer weather! You know I’m looking to you for my summer fix, up here in wet and right now cold vancouver.

    • Hi Jennifer, it is sooo good to have a week away with my art, to really relax and just play. I only really sketch when I am away so it has become a holiday ritual, which is nice. Though I am sure my drawing skills could do with more practice.

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