Breakfast with my new friends


A beautiful morning and another hot sunny day ahead, perfect holiday weather. I had breakfast on the deck with my new friends. Some lovely King Parrots dropped by to see what I had to offer. The first one (on the railing) was happy to have a snack and leave, though he was tame enough to eat from my hand.

The second one was much more discerning and hung around for a bit of culture. He was very interested in my drawing and sat behind me and watched over my shoulder and kept up a commentary on my work, even coming over for a closer look. He even liked my music and thought Bach flute sonatas were just the best and sang along with them. What a special morning moment!



13 responses to “Breakfast with my new friends

  1. Oh that is amazing. You have blown my mind that such beautiful bright birds could just happen along and hang out for awhile.

    • It is good isn’t it. You forget that this is something special as there are parrots in just about every part of Australia and they will all come in for a feed. They are just the most inquisitive birds. There have been four kinds drop by the King parrots, crimson rosellas, sulphur crested cockatoos and the amazing black cockatoos. Huge black birds with with yellow on their cheeks and tails. Thank you for reminding me how lucky we are.

      • You are lucky! And a birder? I grew up in a birding family so am drooling right now. I can offer up no colourful birds right now (although some tough hummingbirds tough out winter here) but I was delighted to share some thoughts with a beautiful owl the other night. Are we bird geeks? If so I think that’s a good thing.
        So glad you’re back to blogging a bit.

  2. What a great day. Such lovely birds.

  3. I can’t even imagine living in an environment with wild parrots. My cockatoo is envious of that pair. Lucky you!

    • I didn’t realise how special until I got all these comments, we have parrots right across Australia, you see them every where and in all types of environments. The weirdest is to see wild budgerigars. To see them out of cages and in wild in flocks in amazing. You forget they weren’t always domesticated.

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