I made a Book

Yvette's Coptic Bound Book

Yvette’s Coptic Bound Book

It was my good friends birthday last week and I decided to make her a journal. I had just done a short course on book binding and was eager to put the new skills to the test.

Last year I had given her one of my drawings for a significant birthday and decided to use that image on the cover of her book.  While I was at it, I decided to print off some of my other pictures as well to use.  It is great fun to see your work in another format.

I decided to use some of the other drawing of Australian Natives through out the book to give it a bit of colour.

Sturt Desert Peas

Sturt Desert Peas





I made the book using ‘coptic binding’, which means that it has front and back covers and these and the paper are stitched together. Found a really great YouTube site  ‘Sealemon‘ that has clear and precise instructions on a whole range of bookbinding techniques.

Coptic Book Binding

Coptic Book Binding

Coptic Book Binding

Coptic Book Binding


Really enjoyed making this book, off to make one for me now.


12 responses to “I made a Book

  1. absolutely stunning Karen!

  2. Dear Karen, my birthday is 31st July. I’m making sure I tell you!!! Just kidding – but I’m not kidding in saying that your book is absolutely gloriously beautiful. The way you simplify the flora makes me think of Margaret Preston. What a lucky lucky friend you have.

    • Thanks Julie, always happy to make you a book, just let me know. I have nearly finished a journal for myself with thicker watercolour paper, which I am pleased with, share it with you once it is complete. I really have enjoyed using the images of my work in other ways. Would you like some of your work on a book? I could imagine a section of your gorgeous geisha drawings or that one of Paris through a rainy window. The street art! that would be sensational. Taking the art from the wall, to a painting, to a sketch book. Karen

  3. Beautiful stitching for an incredible book. Well done!

  4. So impressive Karen! Beautifully done, especially if the binding is your first attempt, it looks very professional. Your prints look as though they are made for that format, they look stunning tightly contained like this.

    • Thanks Anna, yes that is my first attempt at Coptic binding and my second at book binding like this. But it is just sewing, so not that hard. My greatest problem is cutting straight. I do try the old adage of measure twice and cut once, but still manage to go astray. Of well, it shows that it is handmade. Karen

  5. That’s lovely. Nice work such a wonderful gift.

  6. You made a fantastic book!! I have been looking at coptic binding also, the inclusion of large images is a really good idea…
    Your work is lovely….!

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