Seasons of Colour – February


Cumquats Seasons of Colours

Cumquats Seasons of Colours

I have been wanting to do more quick drawing, a bit like the ones I do when I am on holidays, but with a little more direction.  In my usual way I have been pondering on what I could do.  It needed to be more than just random sketches and I wanted some sort of timetable for it to keep me going.

In my wanderings around the internet and Pinterest I found this lovely British designer and her fabulous blog, Sam Pickard Design and have decided to use her concept of seasonal drawings.  

My idea is to do a drawing at least every month that shows the seasonal colours and plants of interest around me, to do quick drawings, patterns etc and a bit of writing about why I choose that subject.  I want it as a bit of a diary for the year, a look at different colour schemes and some pattern ideas.  In my bookbinding frenzy I made a journal for all this to go into and I have done my first drawing for February.  Just squeaked that one in for the month.


So my first subject is cumquats, so fresh and summery. My excerpt in the journal reads.

Its the end of summer and it feels like the really hot weather is behind us now.  The garden is scorched and the trees have lost most of their leaves (through heat stress).  It has been a brutal summer with incredible heat waves for days on end and many plants have struggled to survive.

Not much colour left out there apart from the cumquat tree.  It has managed to keep its bright orange fruit, though its leaves have yellowed.  But when we went to use the fruit they were dried out inside, just not enough water for juice.  Still the colours are lovely and they remind me of late summer.

So there is my first post in my seasons of colour, I hope you like the idea and I hope my drawings get better over time.



7 responses to “Seasons of Colour – February

  1. I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your blog. Love your books and these latest drawings. You’ve got me wanting to make a journal and actually use it!

    • Thank you so much Donna, I appreciate your feed back a great deal. I had to force myself to draw in my new journal, I do find drawing in journals very intimidating as I feel everything in them should be good and get afraid of making a mistake, but I have been brave and made the first page so hopefully the rest will be easy. Have enjoyed looking at your blog too and will be following your endeavours with interest. Karen

  2. Good idea. BTW my garden is also parched with several plants dying just lately. They seemed to survive through summer right until February then they couldn’t copy any more. It is so pitiful!

    • It is sad, sometimes no matter how much you try to water them they just don’t survive. But gardens need to evolve and the best suited survive. My garden is a statement to natural selection, though I do morn the loss of the standard rose. Karen

  3. Hi! I have just come across your blog and find it really inspiring. Your books are beautiful and such a good way of using your artwork in a different way. Here in the UK we are just coming out of winter and looking forward to nice weather to come.

    • Hi Chris, so glad you found me, I enjoyed visiting your blog, your paintings are exquisite. You love and knowledge of plants really shows through. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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