Inspiration behind a new project

I have been working on a new project for awhile in my head, but had not got far enough with it to start to put it down on paper.  For better or worse I am really good at visualising and will play with images in my head before I even start to rough them out.  This is a great bonus for me, but the down side is that I don’t jot things down as much as I should and can sometimes forget, also there are many benefits to roughing things out and having working drawings for the design process.

Trumpet Passion Nancy Blum

Trumpet Passion Nancy Blum

Trumpet Passion Nancy Blum Detail

Trumpet Passion Nancy Blum Detail

Anyway, I have been wanting to combine my drawings of flowers with the patterns and to make these into really big drawings, but would they work, could I do such big pencil drawings and would anyone else like them?  In my wandering around Pinterest (yes I am a little addicted to this site, but so many wonderful images, really inspirational) and found this American artist who was doing all these things.

Nancy Blum is an artist who works across a variety of mediums and has created these enormous pencil works of flowers against an intricate world of pattern and layered images. I was spellbound by them.  The size was larger then I had dared to dream of and she had layered flowers over patterns and repeated images and they look fabulous.  Could I use her as inspiration for my own work?

Converge-detail Nancy Blum

Converge-detail Nancy Blum

3 Rectangles Nancy Blum

3 Rectangles Nancy Blum

Well I am going to give it a right good shot.  I have drawn my background pattern and am getting ready to draw the Sturt Desert Pea to go on top of it.  I have decided to do it with cut outs, I like the layering of the work, and if gives me greater freedom to add and subtract from the work until I get an overall image I like.  If it doesn’t work out I will be able to use the images in other ways.

Desert Pea Background Pattern Detail

Desert Pea Background Pattern Detail

The background is deliberately muted so that it will work behind the other images.  Crossing my fingers and hoping it will work.


9 responses to “Inspiration behind a new project

  1. What a great idea, Karen! Inspiration from other artists is an old phenomenon. When their ideas spawn new ideas in your head, that’s creativity.

  2. Karen, this is going to be incredible! I’m so looking forward to it’s progression.
    I too work most projects through in my mind before starting them on paper (and sometimes they do slip away in the grey matter). 😉

  3. There is a great sympathy between your work and Nancy Blum’s – I can absolutely see some of your work really big! I am creeping towards working big too, so I will look forward to your progress! The background is a wonderful starting point.

    • Thanks Anna, it is really exciting when you find an artist work that resonates with your own. She has given me the courage to take the step forward with this. Can’t wait to get on with the next, though other non art activities getting in my way at present. Karen

  4. I’m curious as to how this piece is coming along. Quite a challenge you’ve undertaken! Very inspiriring! I do love your desert peace pattern!

    • Thanks for your interest, I will have the next instalment of the piece on the weekend. I have done the flowers for the foreground and I am very happy and relieved to say that they work really well on the background. I have been very nervous about how this work will come together it is a long way out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to stretch myself and my art! Karen

      • It’s that kind of stretching (out of my comfort zone) that I need to do more of in my own venture as a budding artist.

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