Seasons of Colour – April

Autumn Red - Watercolour pencils and ink

Autumn Red – Watercolour pencils and ink

Here is my contribution for April.  The ornamental grape-vine that shades the my house from the hot north sun, is starting to turn.  It is not cold yet and only a few of the leaves turned bright red, the rest are more of a russet-brown.  We will need a frost to really get the colours to brighten up.

I like the way the grape-vine twines around itself and the grey trunk contrast with the bright red leaves,  I have tried to convey the texture of the rough trunk and the smooth leaves, the pattern around it almost give it a medieval feel and the tones are the quintessential autumn colours.  Not sure if it needs more work, but as these are supposed to be quick works and  have already spent half a day on it, I think I will leave it there.

Autmn Leaves

I took a few photos of the sun shiny through the leaves and as one turned out quite well I will share it with you, just realise that I make no claims at being a photographer.  These are happy snaps with my iPad.



8 responses to “Seasons of Colour – April

  1. I like your pairing of your grape vine with the decorative border. That tied it all together nicely!

    • Thank you, it was really needed to balance the piece, and is part of my present goal to join my love of pattern and flowers together. Your feedback is very welcome, as I am struggling with how to do this effectively. Karen

  2. Gosh, life would be boring without seasons, wouldn’t it. And as seasons’ colours go, autumn must be the most beautiful.

  3. Such great colours – and I think you are being too modest about your photography skills, that photo is glowing!

  4. I’m just looking at my vine just about to burst into leaf, but lovely to see your autumn colours. I love the way you fill your page. Sue

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