Easter Drawing (Better late than Never)


Hope everyone had a happy Easter, I had a lovely one and in fact I am still enjoying my Easter break. We have another public holiday on Friday so I am having the whole week off. Yah, loads of time for art.

In fact I have been playing with my new art supplies, and getting ready for even more! Yes I went a little wild before Easter, feeling a little down so engaged in some retail, art supply therapy, nothing better.

I finally got around to buying the new prismacolor colours, so even more now and then I bought some spray inks to play with. I haven’t got too far with them, I find the spray a bit intimidating, where is the control!! (I really need to loosen up and let go).

But my biggest extravagance was the Caran d’Arche pencils. I have been lusting after these for years and finally found them on a British website for $100s less than I can get them here. (Australia is one of the most expensive counties).

So I now have 214 coloured pencils and they needed a home fit for the lot of them. So I have been making a new pencil box to house them in style and full display all Easter. I will post it later this week, it is still not yet finished.

To keep the journal going I did a quick Easter drawing of eggs, while munching on some of my bounty. I wanted to do so something soft and pretty, that was a mass of colour. I am not usually that good a pretty, but I think these get close.


15 responses to “Easter Drawing (Better late than Never)

  1. Good morning Karen! Did you buy the Pablos or the Luminance by Caran d’Ache? Oh man – there is nothing like the feeling you get when you have a whole new bunch of art materials. You almost feel light-headed don’t you?! Lovely Easter drawing. Enjoy your treasures.

  2. It IS pretty Karen – and a satisfying composition too! I am an art materials addict, can’t resist. I probably don’t need to buy more of anything for the rest of my life, but I know I will. Enjoy your pencils!

    • There is nothing more satisfying than new art supplies, I am not sure if I prefer to buy them direct from the art store, (there is nothing like the smell of an art store, it is the smell of possibilities) or buying on line, anticipating the arrival and then unwrapping the present. Either way I am an addict. It is the trade off for working full time in another job, less time for art, more money for materials. Karen

  3. I always feel like a kid when opening new boxes of supplies. It brings back the memory of cracking open a new box of crayons with all their perfect tips just waiting to be scribbled across a blank page. I love seeing art supplies in person, but do most of my shopping online. Too many of the local art stores have gone out of business.
    Love the egg drawing with scrumptious spring colors.
    Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Very pretty drawing, I like the soft colors. Enjoy your new stuff!

  5. You bought some Luminance! Yay! I hope you enjoy them. Lovely Easter drawing too.

  6. How exciting, new art materials, I have been purchasing too – I have bought some black pens for line drawings. I too am waiting for the postman. What fun! Sue

    • It always puts a smile on my face, put the wait for post from England to Australia is sooo long. Still waiting for my new pencils, but it will be like Christmas when they do arrive. Karen

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