Raised Patterns

Raised Pattern - Daisy squared 25cm square.  Coloured pencil, ink and bling

Raised Pattern – Daisy squared 25cm square. Coloured pencil, ink and bling

Over the Easter break I started on this little project.  I should have been finishing the Sturt Desert Pea picture, but this idea overtook me.  I also had just killed my fine liner pen I was using on the Desert Pea picture so I had to wait to get another pen.  (You would think I would learn that if I draw over coloured pencil with an ink pen I will kill it, but no, 5 pens latter and I still think that I will be able to do it for a little while and it will be fine.  Learning should occur at some stage I hope)

Journal Page with Pattern

Journal Page with Pattern

I was doing the facing page in my journal from the Easter Eggs, having a little zentangle moment and just playing with pattern, when I thought this would look amazing in 3D.  I could just see the pattern jumping off the paper and how different would it look!  So as you would know I have the attention span of a newt, and I was off chasing the next sparkly thing.



At least I decided to work on a small scale so it would be relatively quick.  Very restrained for me!  It was fun and I even broke out some bling just to make it sing.  Sometimes you have to let your hair down and not be too fine art about the whole thing.  So it is a happy dancing pattern that leaps off the page.  Not sure if it is finished, I will have to live with it for awhile to see.



Daisy squared - 2

Daisy squared – 2




9 responses to “Raised Patterns

  1. I love the dimension to it! Great idea for a beautiful piece. 🙂

  2. Love this beautiful job.

  3. The 3-D design reminds me of those old fashioned bathing caps that ladies used to wear with rubber flowers on. I’m thinking 1960s.

  4. Beautiful work. Just enjoyed browsing through the colors.


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