Seasons of colour – May Autumns End

May - Oak leaves

May – Oak leaves

It the last month of Autumn and it has turned cold, in fact winter cold and it has rained constantly for over a week.  Now before I moan too much, I must put this in context, we need rain, in fact we usually need rain, so that is good and the garden is loving it.  My problem is that like every autumn I am not ready for winter yet, couldn’t I have a few more sunny days please before it gets cold and grey.

I was inspired to do this pattern by our lovely, huge oak tree that shelters the house we live in.  Not a bad effort as it is two stories and the tree covers over half of it.  It is somehow really comforting to be embraced by this venerable old tree.  It leaves have turned but not all at the same time, some are red but others are still a yellowy-green.  I also channelled a little of mid-century design and came up with this pattern, lots of fun.

May spread in the journal

May spread in the journal

I thought I would get back to the Autumn colours after by spring toned Easter picture.


May - Oak leaves

May – Oak leaves

6 responses to “Seasons of colour – May Autumns End

  1. The contained kind of brick-shapes behind the leaves suggest shelter. As if, now the weather is getting cold, you are looking for a wall to hide behind to keep warm. Those regular shapes make a nice contrast with the free-falling leaves. Personally I LOVE autumn and winter. Sick to death of blue skies and sunshine. Also – LET IT RAIN!!!!!!!!!

    • I also love autumn Julie, I usually enjoy winter, but it has been a bit bleak and it takes me awhile to adjust, soon I will embrace rugging up, and snuggling down. I do enjoy the different seasons, I lived in Cairns for awhile and did not like the weather there at all, I really missed the changing seasons and colours.

  2. I love fall, but happy to be in the northern hemisphere and experiencing spring. Rain continues to be part of our weather menu at the moment too.
    Wonderful colors and whimsical oak leaves! May your Autumn continue to be beautiful.
    Let the rains keep falling on your home!

  3. This is very cheery for a gloomy autumn day! You are lucky to have such a wonderful deciduous tree – its something I miss very much from the Northern hemisphere. I especially like the journal spread, the balance of text and image works very well. It has suddenly got cold here in Sydney too, I feel as though we have skipped over what little autumn we do have. But I do love getting into winter clothes!

    • I know what you mean, I have just finished changing the wardrobe over to winter clothes, lots of new things to wear. I lived in the tropics for awhile and really missed the changing of the seasons, and the changing of the wardrobe. Karen.

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